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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 177 - Southbank Centre adverts)
34302A nearside view 34302A off-side view
Photographs below kindly supplied by Mervyn Jones & Daryl Jennings
Fleet No.RT98 RegistrationFXT 273
Route No.177 DestinationAbbey Wood Garage
Adverts"Southbank Centre Celebrates Festival Of Britain - Mastercard" (both sides) & "Real John" & "Bull" (front). "If its Trumans it is Beer" & "If its Trumans it is Best" (rear)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and gold fleet names
NotesThis model has twin headlights.
This model is a rework of 34302 and has paper side advertisement labels.
The model was produced for the Southbank Centre's Festival of Britain event that ran between 22nd April & 4th September 2011. The model's exact release date is unknown.
Surplus models were available from the LT Museum Shop during March 2012.
IssuedBetween April & September 2011 Release Code 2 / Standard
34302A nearside view 34302A off-side view
34302A nearside view 34302A off-side view
34302A front & rear view 34302A box
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