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Thursday 28 April
New Kit Now Available From Citibus Models
Citibus Models' latest new kit release is the Daimler OM934 Streetdeck 10.6m (Kit CM008)

The kit is priced £45.00 plus £5.50 p&p.
Card payments accepted through square, contact Citibus Models for details, or ask to pay by PayPal. You can also buy through the online store at < ahref="" target="_blank">

Wednesday 27 April
Bachmann Launch EFE Road Range & Announce Six New EFE Models
Bachmann Europe has issued the following press release today, The EFE bus models will now be part of the "EFE Road" range, this features new branding & packaging. There is also news of six new model releases due this Summer & details of two new tooling enhancements for the London Transport Daimler/Leyland Fleetline DM/DMS models.

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The new EFE Road logo.

You can click all the images below to view larger versions.

The new tooling for London Transport Daimler/Leyland Fleetline DMS models will allow the production of the earliest version of the vehicle which had narrower spaced head lamps. The B20 Quiet DM versions will have a re-profiled rear engine compartment.

The EFE Road models will come in new packaging which appears to includes a plastic display case.

Details of the six Leyland National Mark I 11.3m models which are expected to be released in July/August 2022. The UK RRP for these models is £41.95 each

Cat No. E15112
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator Demonstrator
(On Loan to Aberdeen Corporation
Fleet No. --
Registration FRM 499K
Route 5 Woodend
Notes Pre-production chassis no. 010
Expected Summer 22

Cat No. E15113
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator Cumberland Motor Services
Fleet No. 350
Registration ERM 35K
Route 05 Town Service
Notes The first Leyland National to enter service
Pre-production chassis no. 005
Expected Summer 22

Cat No. E15114
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator London Country Bus Services
(Superbus livery)
Fleet No. LN1
Registration KPA 101K
Route SB1 Chells
Notes First of more than 500 Leyland Nationals for this operator
Pre-production chassis no. 003
Expected Summer 22

Cat No. E15115
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator Northern General Transport
Fleet No. 11K
Registration UUP 831K
Route 55 Sacriston
Notes Production chassis no. 129
Expected Summer 22

Cat No. E15117
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator Nottingham City Transport
Fleet No. 653
Registration NPD 110L
Route 88 Central Area Special Service
Notes London Country LN10 on hire
Production chassis no 218
Expected Summer 22

Cat No. E15118
Vehicle Leyland National 11.3m 2 Door
Operator Crosville Motor Services
Fleet No. SNL 801
Registration WFM 801K
Route C40 Upton
Notes Production chassis no. 102
Expected Summer 22
Information & model images by courtesy of "Bachmann Europe PLC.

Tuesday 26 April
Rapido Trains UK Announced New Bus Model
Rapido Trains UK have announced their next 1/76 scale model bus will be the Leyland National. Both mark one & mark 2 versions are planned. The project is said to be in it's early phase at present and liveries, prices & release dates will be announced at a later date.

Rapido Trains UK are running a survey for these models which is collecting views from collectors regarding features & liveries they'd most like to see produced. It and further details can be found on the Rapido Trains UK website.

Tuesday 26 April
Latest Kit News from Model Bus Scotland
Pre-orders are now being accepted by Model Bus Scotland for their next kit release the Temsa Avenue.

Kit 010 Temsa Avenue Single Deck Bus - Due 2022 - Pre-order now £46.00 plus £5.00 P & P.

Please check out the Model Bus Scotland page for contact & ordering details.

Tuesday 26 April
Northcord Models Confirmed Release
The following Northcord model was released last week in the UK.
ukbus 6528 – Stagecoach London (11035 – SN18 KUB) : Released in UK.

The following model has been delayed & is now expected to be released in May.
ukbus 6526 – National Express West Midlands (6937 – SK68 MJE) : UK release expected during May.

Information kindly supplied by


Tuesday 26 April
New IXO 1/43 Bus Model Announcements & ArtiTec 1/87 Release
IXO has announced three further models in its 1/43rd bus & coach range.

BUS032 Ikarus 66 Beige/Brown 1972

BUS033 Neoplan NH 22L Skyliner White/Red 1983

BUS034 AEC Regent III RT London Transport Red (RT3062 / KYW 171 / Route `126 Bromley North Stn) 1939

The UK RRP for these models in £59.88 each.

Artitec has now released the 1/87th scale London General B Type model that was announced last year. The resin model is expected to be available in the UK in due course.

387.462 - LGOC B-Type Omnibus - (B340 / Route 11) London double decker

Tuesday 12 April
Northcord Models Press Release for UKBUS6528
The following press release has been issued by Northcord Models.


Date : 11th April 2022.
Production update

To our valued retailers and collectors :
Herewith we itemise an update on likely release dates and status for announced models in the ukbus 6500 and ukbus 6800 range. In addition, two further future releases are announced.

Production delays due to shortage of appropriate labour in all factories in southern China are affecting many manufacturers and it is appropriate that NMC should advise you accordingly.

The continuing influence of Covid is also having a negative impact on the timescale of our release schedule because of the inability to have face-to-face meetings at the production facilities which has slowed down the decision-making process in approving the minutiae of our models.

Furthermore, the deliveries are experiencing delays worldwide. Covid, Importing, and now a war in Europe have each impacted shipping badly.

ukbus 6500 Range
ukbus 6526 – National Express West Midlands (6937 – SK68 MJE) : models are being shipped to the UK.

ukbus 6528 – Stagecoach London (11035 – SN18 KUB) : models are being shipped to the UK.

ukbus 6525 – First Glasgow (33393 – SK19 EOD) : production is scheduled for completion by late May 2022
No vehicle/model images published yet

ukbus 6529 – Stagecoach South (10945 – SN18 KNJ) The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee : pre-production samples are being prepared with an anticipated production slot being available during mid-June 2022.

ukbus 6530 – Go North East (6341 – YX20 OKA) xlines : pre-production samples will be prepared with an anticipated production slot being available during late July 2022.

ukbus 6800 Range

The preparation of the new casting of ADL Enviro400 City on Trident 2 and BYD ADL Enviro400EV City is scheduled to be commenced in the second part of 2022. The newly developed comprehensive casting will initially include the following versions of Britain’s best-selling double-decker buses :
1. 10.8 metre 1 & 2 door BYD ADL Enviro400EV City
2. 10.9 metre 1 & 2 door Enviro400 City Trident 2-chassised to follow as a continuation of the previous Enviro400 MMC Licence Agreement

Northcord Model Company will make an announcement in detail about planned liveries and model dimensions nearer to its launch date. The range will be expanded with the shorter versions of each type in due course.

Northcord Model Company (NMC)
------The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

Sunday 3 April
New Northcord ADL Enviro400 Model Announced
Northcord Models is planning to release another ADL Enviro400 MMC model in plain white livery. The model will be based on the longer 10.9m version of the model and is expected to be available next month.
The model has a UK RRP of £72.99 although TTC Diecast, who informed about this model, will be offering them for £55.00.

UKBUS0066 Plain White - ADL Enviro400 MMC 10.9m

Information kindly supplied by

Friday 1 April
Mark Hughes Press Release
Please note that the business will be closed for two months, May and June 2022.

Fresh makers' badges for 4mm scale now available in etched nickel silver are Leyland "winged" name for Midland Red bonnets, Volvo name for LBC Duple Caribbean and others, and Bedford badge (two-layer). 80p each.

Additional mirror types for 4mm scale are F30s Optare Excel (2 sets, £1.20) and F30-40 alternative set for Enviro 300 Classic (£1.20). For 6mm scale a set of London Transport mirrors/flashers, 6F30LT upsized from the 4mm version, £2.20 (minimal stock at present).

Postages increase substantially from 4th April.

Mark Hughes, 23 Orchard Rise, Tibberton, GLOUCESTER, GL19 3AT or
Please make cheques payable to H M Hughes or use PayPal or BACS (ask for details).

The catalogue dated 1st August 2015 is still basically current, an update supplement is also available, and both of these can be downloaded from Mark Hughes page in the kits section.


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