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London Transport - Central Area (Guernsey Tom's Advert)
Part of Gift Set 99913
22801GS front view 22801GS rear view
Fleet No.RTL409 RegistrationKGU 496
Route No.52 DestinationVictoria
Adverts"Get Fresh with Guernsey Toms" (neearside) and "Fly Ghana Airways VCIO Jetliners to Africa" (offside) and "Dunlop" (rear).
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and gold fleetnames.
NotesPart of London Transport Museum Set 99913 with model 20202.
A re-worked De-luxe Series version of this model was also produced 22801DL.
IssuedDecember 1996 Release Part of Code 2 Gift set 99913
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