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London Transport - Central Area
Route 77 - Ty-Phoo Tea Advert
20202GS front view 20202GS rear view
Fleet No.STD124 RegistrationHLW 53
Route No.77 DestinationTooting (Mitre)
AdvertsSide adverts 'Try Ty-Phoo Tea it goes further!' (near side) and 'Always ask for Yorkshire Relish - The sauce of good taste'(off-side)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and black mudguards
NotesPart of gift set 99913 with model 22801.
Produced for and available only from the London Transport Museum Shop.
A re-worked De-luxe Series version of this model was also produced 20202DL.
IssuedDecember 1996 Release Part Code 2 Gift Set 99913
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