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When EFE first started producing 1/76th scale model diecast models in 1989 it was fairly easy to keep track of the models issued. Now over 30 years later, and with well over 10,000 1/76th scale model buses, trucks, vans and cars available from a significant number of manufacturers, remembering what has been produced is a lot more difficult, if not impossible.

These lists show all the known 1:76th (4mm) scale models produced by the manufacturers indicated that are available to collectors. Model bus collectors usually call them Code 1 and Code 2 models.

There are some points about the data on these listings to note:

  • The Model Reference Number shown is the number the manufacturer has applied to the packaging and may differ from the Model Reference Numbers you see published elsewhere.

  • Each model is described as either ‘Standard’ Issue (this usually equates to what is sometimes referred to as a Code 1 model) or ‘Commissioned’ Issue (this usually equates to what is sometimes referred as a Code 2 model).

  • The information in the Vehicle column of these listings refers to the specifications of the actual full size vehicle. Instances may be found where model representations of these although carrying, for example the appropriate registration or fleet number, do not replicate the  'actual vehicle' wholly or in part in respect either of the suitability of the castings used, or the detailing or both.

With the large number of models available today most collectors are selective, collecting only certain models or models from specific fleets. Included in these lists is a ‘Fleet List’ that has been produced specifically to help these collectors. Utilising the information held on each of the Model Manufacturers lists it shows all the public transport related models by operator fleet. It uses what actually appears on the model (fleet and legal name) to arrive at an appropriate fleet for each model. Some model manufacturers’ descriptions bear no resemblance to the actual bus or fleet a model represents so you will possibly note differences to what is recorded elsewhere.

As always if you have any queries, spot any errors or can provide any of the missing information needed to complete the details for each model then I, Peter Harrison, would be only too pleased to hear from you. Missing information is indicated by a ?.

The N scale lists are maintained by Kevin Ellis with assistance from Peter Harrison & Ken Jones.

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Details of models, with bus/coach models in bus fleets

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